Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello friends! In our last newsletter we had several prayer requests, and we are happy to report that most of those requests have already been answered! We found renters for our house who moved in two weeks after choosing our home. They are a really nice couple that moved to
Raleigh from Florida (isn’t that ironic). After a whirlwind of packing, a final yard sale, and a few tears we moved out of our house two weeks later. Our good friends; Jenn and Alain Aguilar, and their three month old Coby, welcomed all five of us into their home and were gracious hosts for
about two weeks. We then moved into my parents house for nearly 10 days, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks Nana and Pop Pop! On Monday we traveled down to North Florida where we will stay with Brian’s parents for the rest of July and possibly some of August. My last
day at work was last Wednesday, which left me with a variety of emotions, but we were all ready for the next step in our pre-India preparations. The kids have done well with all of the moving and shuffling over the past month. We keep telling them that this is a part of the adventure of serving God and preparing to move to India. We have also all received our passports since the last newsletter.

God is amazing and has provided for us beyond our wildest dreams. We are happy to report that we are approximately 94% to our monthly goal! Brian I want to thank each and every one of you who have committed to give faithfully and financially support our family while we work in India. We also want to thank all of you have committed to pray for us. Jessica and I are blessed to have partners like you! If you have committed to give monthly, and have not begun to send in support we ask that you begin to do so in August as we need to continue to prepare to leave in
September. Thank you again and know we are praying for you as well as we partner together.

As we prepare to depart for India in September we want to let you know some of our current needs and prayer requests. We are right at the threshold of leaving the states and moving to India for the next two years. This is crunch time for us. We have our passports, will be applying for our visas this month, and need to purchase our plane tickets soon as well. In order for us to purchase our tickets we need to raise approximately $6,000.00. We also need to finish raising the funds for our Emergency Cash Fund which will assist us with furnishing our home once we arrive in India, help with any emergency situations that may arise and allow us to purchase our tickets to return to the US in two years. The amount we need to raise for that fund is another $12,000.00 which again can feel overwhelming, but we trust that God knows our need and He is going to meet it! If you are not able to commit on a monthly basis but are able to make a one time donation we ask that you would pray about assisting us with these final two areas of need. $18,000.00 is a lot of money in our eyes, but we serve a big God who has provided and will continue to do so. Would you pray about partnering with us as we complete the final phase of our fundraising? Our goal and desire is still to leave for Coimbatore the first week of September.

Brian’s brother, Michael, has come up with a creative way to financially support us while we serve in India. He has started a T-Shirt business called LifeFit. All of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts goes to missions. We are grateful for the work and creativity he has put into making these shirts which have in turn enabled him to support our work in India. Brian and I are so looking forward to heading to India and can’t wait to wrap our arms around the children there. Thank you again for your prayer and support over the last few months. This journey has been a real test of our faith, and it is exciting to see that time and time again God has met our needs and opened the doors for us. Please continue to pray for us as we are now within two months of leaving. We hope to get together with many of Floridian friend while we are in Florida, so give us a call!