Friday, November 6, 2009

On the Road Again!!! Or should I say Rail.

Hello friends. I am traveling again.

Last night I boarded a bus headed to Bangalore. As I boarded the bus my big bag was following me. I asked "can you put that under the bus?" They told me it was full. So my big bad with all my belongings had to stay in the middle of the isle. I went the entire bus ride with my stuff in the middle of the isle where everyone could see it and get into it. I was not happy. I then went to my seat. It was so cramped. Thank God for the Adventures. We have reached Bangalore and I am now sitting in my friends parents house. We are about to leave and get on the train. I will give another report when I am on the train.

Before I go. I want to upload a video for you to enjoy and pray for. I just finished creating a video for our missionaries while they are in Austria. I will upload as many videos and I am allowed. Tell me what you think.