Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today marks 12 more days until we fly out. Time has flown by. Jess and I are amazed at how God has provided.

We had a wonderful summer, and believe our time in India will be even better. As you continue to follow our journey please feel free to comment and let us know you are following. I will do my best to keep writing and maybe even give you a video blog from time to time. Remember in your prayers and remember any contribution is greatly appreciated. We love and appreciate all of you for linking arms with us.

HIS Servants Forever

Brian & Jessica

The last few weeks have flown by and September is literally right around the corner. Since our last newsletter we have been able to do a lot of traveling and see many of our dear friends and family. I resigned from my job on July 1st and we headed for Florida July 6th. It was wonderful to spend time with the Johnson family. We were also able to see many of our friends from college who live in the Tampa area which was fantastic. Brian spoke at several churches while we were there and was able to share what we will be doing while in India. Filling out the paperwork to apply for our visas was a daunting task, but we got it done and sent them off. There was one small glitch, but the Indian Embassy was kind and walked us through the changes. We were excited to have our 10 year visas approved in 3 days, and back in our hands in 7 days. What a miracle! This can often times be a difficult document to obtain, but the Lord was on our side and things worked out just fine. We returned to Raleigh on August 6th. Thanks mom and dad Johnson for helping us with the drive back to Raleigh! Our plane tickets have been purchased and we leave for India on September 3rd. It is a 32 hour trip, so please be praying for us during that time! We arrive in Coimbatore on Saturday morning, September 5th. The kids are all set for their first year of Home School. Most of the curriculum we needed was given to us which was wonderful. We had to purchase some things, but not nearly what we originally planned for. A huge “Thank You” to everyone who helped with school materials! Johnson Home School is stocked and ready for a great year. God has truly blessed us as we have prepared to depart for India. He has proven that if you put your trust and faith in Him that He will show you how awesome and faithful He is.

Jessica and I want to thank everyone who has joined us on this amazing journey. We know that it is not always easy to give, and that many of you have done so sacrificially. Thank you for your support both through prayer and financial giving. We ask that you continue to join us in both areas as we get ready to leave home and move to Coimbatore. There will be many tears over the next few weeks as leaving family and friends is not easy. However; we are confident that we are in the best place to be, God’s perfect will for us and there is no where else we would rather be. Please keep in touch and we look forward to sending our next newsletter from India!

God Bless,